Sugarland Drops Mother Track in Honor of Mothers Day

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Sugarland has just released a new track, “Mother,” in honor of Mother’s Day. The song, written by duo members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, is from their upcoming Bigger album.

“Mother,” which says, “She fixes all the broken things / When you’re in love, she’s got a ring / To give to you she hopes you give away / She don’t care who you give it to / Where they’re from, if they pray like you / As long as they are good to you, that’s enough / First thing she taught you was love is love,” was inspired by Nettles’ own role as a mother to her five-year-old son, Magnus.

“There is nothing that becoming a mother has not changed,” says Nettles. “There is nothing that it has not touched. There is nothing that forever more it will not touch. It is the strangest feeling. I will never know again what it is like to be one whole person. I will forever have my heart walking on the outside of my body. I will worry for every day of the rest of my life.”

Untitled(Photo: Instagram/jennifernettles)

Sugarland’s current single, “Babe,” written by Taylor Swift and Pat Monahan, quickly shot to the Top 10 shortly after its release. The song, which also features Swift on the track, was given to the duo by Swift, and is the only song Nettles and Bush didn’t write on Bigger.

“She reached out,” Nettles reveals. “We have obviously known each other for many years. When she was just getting started, we had just had our first little EP out called Premium Quality Tunes, and she still has a copy of it that we signed for her, whenever we played a couple shows together. And she was excited we were getting back together and reached out, and said, ‘Hey, I have a song.’ And that is a short list, ladies and gentleman, of people to whom she has said, ‘Hey, I have a song. Wanna sing it?’ So we said yes.”

Bigger marks Sugarland‘s first record since The Incredible Machine was released in 2010. Nettles and Bush both took time to work on their own projects, but knew there would come a time when the two would reunite.

“I think there’s something with Sugarland that is a higher calling,” Nettles tells Nashville’s Tennessean. “What we’ve been writing for this new record, it is clear we had things inside of us that we felt the world needed to hear. I think translating that pain into hope is something that Sugarland does really well.”


“Mother” is available for download on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

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