FAQ for Mynews

What is Mynews?

Mynews is where you can read lot of different news in one place.

How can I use Mynews?

You can access directly to http://mynews.com.mm from PC/mobile or download the application. After that register service/login with Mytel number to use the service for FREE.

Which newspaper that I can read in Mynews?

You can read so many different news from 7 days, Mizzima, my style and my food media.

Where can i get the app?

You can download Mynews from https://mynews.com.mm or You can search with the key word “Mynews – Daily News” from Appstore / Google play.

How much it will cost?

It will be free.

Who can use Mynews?

If you have internet connection, you can use Mynews.

How many News can i read in Mynews?

You can read 16 different categories. Under these 16 categories, you can read lot of news in one place.

What kinds of news can i read in Mynews?

You can read, International news, local news, funny, entertainment, health, beauty, sports, horoscope, Business and so on..