Black Friday Perfume Deals 2019: The Fragrances To Have On Your Lust List

Best Black Friday Perfume Deals


When is Black Friday 2019?

Originally a US phenomenon, Black Friday falls on the day following Thanksgiving (which is always the fourth Thursday in November, FYI). Put simply, this year’s Black Friday will be November 29 – ideal for those last minute Christmas presents you really weren’t up for paying full price for.

What is Black Friday?

The one day a year where brands apply ridiculous discounts to your favourite hair, make-up, shampoo, skincare… the list goes on, online and in store, therefore justifying the inevitable panic-induced beauty haul that we definitely needed…

What are the Black Friday perfume deals?

Although most perfume brands keep their Black Friday deals under wraps until late November or even the day of (!!), we’ve got a pretty good of what’s going to be on offer.

Based on 2018’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday perfume deals, you’re in for a treat.

Here’s what we know about the perfume brands that usually participate…

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Our one stop shop for all things beauty, you can almost guarantee that Lookfantastic will be bringing you every epic perfume deal this Black Friday.

Cult Beauty


For the more niche perfume lovers out there, we’re all about Cult Beauty’s next level Black Friday perfume deals.



From Tom Ford and Byredo, to Diptyque and Gucci, get your hands on the most fashionable perfumes at a snip of the price with Net-A-Porter’s Black Friday fragrance deals.



Nab your high fashion perfume stash this Black Friday with Selfridges’ incredible discounts and deals.

John Lewis


If seriously classy perfumes are on your Christmas gifting list this year then John Lewis is the destination for fragrance discounts galore this Black Friday.



Last year Debenhams had loads of great offers on perfumes including brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Armani.

The Fragrance Shop


If there’s one shop that knows perfume, it’s The Fragrance Shop. Stocking everything from Chanel to Cacharel and a whole lot more, they’re bound to have some epic Black Friday perfume deals.

The Perfume Shop


Equally packed full of fragrances, The Perfume Shop is your ultimate destination for all things Black Friday perfume deals.

Fenty Beauty Have Dropped A New Limited Edition Christmas Collection

Fenty Beauty limited Christmas collection has launched


Fresh off the runway from her Savage Fenty fashion show / musical extravaganza, Rihanna continues to bless our lives, this time with dinky new shades of her gloss bomb we all know and love.

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The set we’re talking about is the Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Collection which features one of the original shades, Fu$y, plus four brand new ones: Pretty Please (a hot pink), Confetti (like the shimmer stick of the same name, is basically disco sparkle in a bottle), Chocolit (a shimmery Cadbury-esk number) and Cheeky (blood orange red). Safe to say, we need them all.

Fenty Beauty launches new limited edition Christmas collection

Fenty Beauty


Alongside the new gloss bomb shades, Bad Gal RiRi is also releasing a new shade of her Stunna Lip Paints called Underdawg, a claret-like shade which will pair nicely with a glass of red – RiRi would approve.

Again, it’s in mini form, which appeals to us on a cuteness level but in practicality means we will just run out of the liquid lipstick quicker, so let’s hope the shade gets released in full size pronto.

Fenty beauty launches limited edition christmas collection  



Within the Tinsel $how Collection, there are also mini versions of other iconic products such as the Body Lava Body Luminizer in the shade Who Needs Clothes?! (we do) and a gift set including a mini Gloss Bomb in another new shade, $weet Mouth, and mini Killawatt Foil Highlighter in the shade Sand Castle.

Fenty beauty launch limited edition christmas collection 


Safe to say, Christmas is sorted. The Tinsel $how collection ranges from £12 to £33 and launches today in store and online at Boots and Harvey Nichols but act fast as all the products are limited edition and we predict these will sell out ASAP.

Happy early Christmas shopping!

Fenty beauty launch limited edition christmas collection  


4 Reasons Why You Should Be Putting Moringa On Your Face (And Everywhere Else) ASAP

Moringa, Moringa Benefits, Moringa Skincare Benefits, Moringa Cleansing Balm


Matcha and turmeric can move over for a second, because there’s another natural ingredient making a buzz in the beauty sphere – and there isn’t much it can’t do.

Enter the (not so) humble moringa leaf.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

The unassuming plant’s oils and extracts have actually been used in herbal medicinal practises for centuries, but it’s suddenly gaining traction amongst nutritionists and skin and hair specialists alike, with luxe beauty brands such as UMA, Farmacy and Herbatint, to name but a few, all jumping on board.

Here’s why you should be putting moringa on your face (and everywhere else) ASAP…

Moringa Benefits For Your Skin

Moringa Can Minimise Breakouts, Wrinkles And Guard Against Pollution

It’s good news for those with problem skin, because moringa is filled to bursting with vitamin A (what retinol is derived from) and it’s one of the most potent vitamins out there for near perfect skin.

When applied topically, it encourages the skin cells to renew themselves at lightning speed, helping to limit pesky breakouts, blur blemishes and pigmentation, and iron fine lines into oblivion. Flawless complexion, here we come.

It gets better, though. The unsung skincare ingredient is also packed with moisture magnet and antioxidant vitamin E, which makes it perfect for combating the double whammy of dry, flaky skin (thanks, winter and central heating) as well as pollution and other environmental aggressors.


– Emma Hardie, Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm – £47 SHOP NOW

This moringa cleansing balm obliterates even the hardiest of foundation and mascara without stripping the skin of moisture. Get a hot cloth involved and it’s like a mini facial.

– Odacite Very Dry Serum Concentrate – £41 SHOP NOW

Flaky forehead? Dehydration lines? Uncomfortable tightness? Make them a thing of the past by amping up your daily moisturiser with just a single drop of this booster. Moringa maintains healthy cells and the added petitgrain oil moisturises and plumps.

Moringa Skincare Benefits


– LUSH Magical Moringa Beauty Balm – £26 SHOP NOW

Don’t let the word ‘oil’ put you off – this is virtually like Velcro for make-up. The results are intensely soft, nourished skin and zero slipping and sliding. You only need a dot.

Moringa Benefits For Your Hair

Moringa Will Give You Your Softest, Strongest Hair Ever

Argan, coconut, macadamia – if your hair is prone to frizz, breakage and parched ends, you probably think you’ve tried all of the hair oils out there, but stylists and colourists are touting moringa oil as the next best thing in hair-care – and we can vouch for that – our lengths have never felt softer.

‘Many of my clients want natural hair products that don’t compromise on the effectiveness of the results and moringa is a great place to start,’ says Theo Bambacas, master colourist at Supernatural salon.

‘It’s a powerhouse ingredient to apply to your hair because it has a large variety of rich minerals including zinc (essential for healthy hair production) and antioxidants to help boost keratin production. It helps restore strength, promote hair growth and repair damage.’

– Herbatint Organic Moringa Repair Conditioner – £10.99 SHOP NOW

99.8% of the ingredients in Herbatint’s shampoo and conditioner duo are of natural origin but don’t underestimate their ability to totally transform lacklustre lengths. Expect a shine to rival a shampoo-ad model and less breakage. P.S. They’re both sulphate free, so perfectly safe for coloured or keratin-treated hair.

– UMA Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil – £54 SHOP NOW

This is as luxe as hair oil gets. The moringa, jojoba and grape seed oils help keep frizz and flyaways on lock-down without the heavy, greasy feel and the citrussy scent is a surefire pick me up on grey winter mornings.

Moringa Hair Benefits


– OUAI Curl Jelly – £22 SHOP NOW

Along with silk proteins and keratin, a moringa oil blend in this clever gel-oil formula helps define corkscrews and spirals, making them gusty and springy, not crispy or weighed down. Girls with curls, rejoice.

Moringa Hair Benefits


Moringa Benefits For Your Body

Moringa Can Help Fight Post-HIIT Fatigue

Essential for building and maintaining healthy muscles, moringa is estimated to contain several times more iron than spinach, which means incorporating it into your diet could help alleviate barrecore-induced soreness.


– KIKI HEALTH Organic Moringa Powder – £9.95 SHOP NOW

This velvety green powder may look exactly like matcha but tastes like a mixture of green tea and spinach with a peppery edge. Don’t let that put you off, though. Stirred into smoothies it’s virtually undetectable but boasts heaps of benefits.

– Aduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder – £7.99 SHOP NOW

Teamed with a squeeze of honey, this smooth, earthy powder, made from naturally dried moringa leaves, gives porridge an extra health kick.

Moringa Benefits For Your General Wellness

Moringa Can Help Combat Stress And Boost The Immune System

There’s no denying the effects that stress can have on both our body and skin, like spots and feeling run down, but according to nutritionists, sprinkling moringa powder into your morning latte, and even using the leaves as a salad garnish, might just have the ability to counteract them.

‘Moringa is an excellent food for the immune system,’ says nutritionist Cassandra Barns. ‘It’s high in iron, and in beta-carotene, which our body uses to make vitamin A – these are essential immunity nutrients. Moringa leaf is also said to have ‘adaptogenic’ properties,’ says Cassandra, ‘meaning it can help protect against the effects of stress.’

Anything that keeps a cold away gets our vote.

How To Check Your Breasts For Cancer (Because We Should All Be Doing It)

How To Check Your Breasts For Cancer

Getty Images

When was the last time you checked your breasts?

And we don’t mean a quick squeeze, or glance in the mirror, but a proper at-home breast examination to check for any irregularities or changes?

The likelihood is, not recently. According to research conducted last year by Breast Cancer Now, less than half of us (British women) were regularly checking our breasts for signs of cancer, and almost one in ten of us had never checked at all.

We get that – in our busier than ever, working overtime, Southern-Rail-strike-ridden lives – taking the time and remembering to check ourselves might not be a priority. Especially if you consider yourself ‘low risk’ (young, with no family history of cancer).

But, considering that breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK for women, with one woman diagnosed every ten minutes, and one in seven females developing it in their lifetime, taking a few minutes to give your boobs the once over should really be pushed to the top of your to-do list.

How to examine your breasts for cancer  

Hitoshi Nishimura

How To Check Your Breasts For Cancer

If you’re wondering where (how, why, and when) to start, we spoke to Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon Dr Jenny Rusby, based at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, to put together a handy guide for getting handsy with your breasts.

How often should you do at-home breast checks?

Although breast cancer is most commonly found in women over 50 years old, it is – albeit more rarely – diagnosed at younger ages. Each year, around 4% of cases in the UK are in women aged 39 or under, which is still over 2,000 people.

Dr Rusby suggests that ‘it’s a good idea to become familiar with what is normal for your breasts and to get into the habit of examining yourself even in your 20s.’

Timings wise, a monthly check is best, either a few days after the end of your menstrual period or on the first day of the month if you aren’t having periods. Dr Rusby adds…

There are apps to help you remember, or set a reminder in your calendar.You could ask a friend to be a ‘bosom buddy’, to remind each other to check and support if either of you find anything.Some women plan their checks for the beginning of the week (Monday) so if they find something that worries them they can seek support straight away.If you’re on a screening programme, make sure to still do at-home checks in between appointments.

How to examine your breasts for cancer

Igor Ustynskyy

What should you be feeling for in a breast check?

A nice pair of healthy breasts come in all shapes and sizes: some are naturally lumpy, some more firm, others softer. The key, says Dr Rusby, is ‘learning what is normal for you, so that when there is a change you notice it.’

You are looking for the following:

1.A painless lump

‘It can be anywhere, so check all around (including behind the nipple and up towards the armpit).’ With the glands under the arms, it’s important to try to pay close attention. ‘We all have glands under our arms (like the ones that come up under our chins when we have a sore throat) but an enlarged gland in the armpit can be a sign of cancer.

If it’s tender, it’s likely to be doing its usual job of fighting infection and isn’t anything to worry about, but if it’s new, not tender and you can feel it for more than a week or so, please do seek advice.’

2. A change in breast size or shape

‘If there is a change so they no longer match in shape, or the skin seems puckered or pulled in when you raise your arms that should be checked.’

3. Signs around the nipples

‘If you see a rash on the nipple and you don’t suffer from eczema, or have a red breast like mastitis but you aren’t breast feeding then you should seek advice. Finally, if you notice spontaneous discharge from the nipple that is clear or blood-stained this, too, can be a sign.’

How to examine your breasts for cancer

Sopiko Mdivnishvili / EyeEm

How To Check Your Breasts At Home

Follow Dr Rusby’s step-by-step guide below (or, if you’re more of a visual person, follow this link to her video guide)…

Stand in front of a mirror, topless and in a good light. And start by looking at yourself.Raise your arms up above your head and down again. You’re looking to see if your breasts match.The key signs to look out for are new difference in the nipple position, nipple changes, rashes, or skin pulling back.Then check your breasts using your fingers. It’s important to feel with the flats of your fingers rather than the tips. If you examine with your fingertips, you’ll find most breasts are slightly lumpy but it’s lumpiness rather than a lump, and that’s an important difference. You’re looking for a lump, with the flats of your fingers.If you do it with your arm above your head, whether reclined on a bed or in the shower, it spreads the breast out so you’re not feeling through so much depth.Think of the spokes of a wheel where your nipple is at the centre. Feel up and down one spoke and then move around the breast moving up and down from the nipple to the outside of the breast methodically in a circle. Don’t forget behind the nipple and under the armpit.

What are some common mistakes or misconceptions about breast checks?

According to Dr Rusby, even with so much information available to the public there is sadly a lot of confusion around at-home breast checks still.

A few things to remember…Whether you’re blessed with little or large breasts, the method to checking them remains the same. If yours are on the larger side, Dr Rusby advises you may ‘need to shift position as you examine, so you are able to feel all of each breast.’Checking in the shower might seem like a convenient time to do it (you’re already topless, you’re already moving your hands around your body) but it’s important to look in the mirror too, as ‘sometimes a change is visible before you can see it’ reminds Dr Rusby. Unfortunately, you’re never too old to get breast cancer, so there’s no age when you should stop checking.Although rare, breast cancer can occur in men, usually those over 60 or with a strong history of breast cancer. ‘Men should check their chests and look out for the same symptoms’ says Dr Rusby, ‘particularly nipple discharge, a pulled in nipple, a lump or swelling in the chest or armpit.’

If you’ve checked your breasts and you don’t feel any lumps but do feel pain, what should you do?

The easy answer is, don’t panic. ‘Pain alone is only very rarely associated with breast cancer’ says Dr Rusby, ‘and if you’ve checked your breasts thoroughly, pain alone is nothing to worry about.’

Soreness in that area is experienced by 60% of women, usually in a cyclical and hormonal manner around their periods, or sometimes associated with changes in contraception, diet, muscular or rib pain or simply ill-fitting bras.

Breast cancer self check concept


What to do if you notice a change during your breast check

‘If you notice a change, it’s important to see your GP’ says Dr Rusby. But she adds, importantly, ‘to remember that most breast lumps turn out not to be cancer. The key is to check yourself regularly so you get used to what your breasts look and feel like, so that if anything ever changes, you will notice it’.

The more you check yourself, the better you’ll know your breasts. The better you know your breasts, the more likely to are to notice a change. And the earlier any diagnosis is made, the better the chance of successful treatment. If you’re not already checking yourself, there’s no time like the present.

The Biggest Accessory Trend From Fashion Month Is For Your Face



Coinciding with the fashion world’s revived interest in maximalist style, the beauty world has quickly turned from boasting the no-make-up make-up look to sporting glitter eyes and strategically placed rhinestones. At the onset of fashion month, this took the form of Euphoria-like beauty looks during New York Fashion Week, with designers seemingly referencing the make-up from the hit HBO show.

The return of over-the-top beauty has translated to the runway, transcending the boundaries and toeing the line between the realm of accessorising and make-up. Throughout the Spring/Summer 2020 season, designers incorporated facial jewels and accessories into their collections as a way of glamming up each ensemble without overshadowing the pieces themselves.

Jewels are no stranger to fashion, especially at fashion houses such as Schiaparelli. Models for the brand’s newest collection donned rainbow rhinestones as a makeshift mask. The look evokes a playfulness radiating from their vibrant hues. At Pyer Moss, red jewels heightened the sophistication of an already crystal-encrusted outfit. The addition of rhinestones dotted around the model’s eyes completed the aesthetic of unabashed luxury felt throughout the collection.

Valentino also experimented with face jewels, incorporating them into the makeup looks. Gold glitter was applied in an angular fashion around the eyes and brows, topped with gold jewels for a bold effect. Several models sported gilded lashes with an otherwise bare face, creating a simple yet extravagant look.

Instant Views - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring/Summer 2020

Schiaparelli Spring/Summer 2020

Francois G. DurandGetty Images

Pyer Moss - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week

Pyer Moss Spring/Summer 2020

Sean DrakesGetty Images

Valentino : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020

Valentino Spring/Summer 2020

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Valentino : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020

Valentino Spring/Summer 2020

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

In Area’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection, facial accoutrements were an extension of the ensembles themselves, rather than well-thought add-ons. Not only did they match each outfit they were paired with, but the hanging jewels incorporated a desirably avant garde element to a series of equally outlandish, yet oddly wearable looks.

Area - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Area Spring/Summer 2020

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

To celebrate the motifs of spring, Giambattista Valli designed flower crowns for the face. These new bouquets, featuring a number of white orchids or a series of red rose petals, adorned the visage with natural imagery. The delicate vibe of this accessory reinforces the overall themes of femininity and frivolity in the collection. By adding demi-wreaths to the series, Valli conveyed the symbolism of girls blossoming into young women.

Giambattista Valli : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020

Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer 2020

Peter WhiteGetty Images

Giambattista Valli : Details - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020

Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer 2020

SAVIKOGetty Images

In a collection that celebrates the recent strides in rights for the global LGBTQ+ community, Manish Arora presented audiences with an explosion of colour and design. A white piece served as an off-kilter mask, reminiscent of something in Philip Treacy’s wheelhouse. However, other elements in the collection were derived from Arora’s Indian culture. The runway show, which debuted just after the one year anniversary of India’s decision to decriminalise same-sex relationships, incorporated these two newly allied aspects of the designer’s life. In context, the facial accessories bridge the gap between Indian and gay culture, wrapped up in Arora’s signature over-the-top style.

Manish Arora : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020

Manish Arora Spring/Summer 2020

Kay-Paris FernandesGetty Images


Manish Arora Spring/Summer 2020


Another innovative mask design, a golden piece from Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood looked as though it was dug up from the ruins of Ancient Greece. Juxtaposed with the pink dress, the mask adds a tough element to the feminine ensemble, showing how the collection amalgamated several time periods from the medieval to the primordial. Each aspect of this look, out of place on its own, blends together to create a discordantly beautiful effect.

Vivienne Westwood : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020

Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2020

Richard BordGetty Images

Dua Lipa On What’s In Her Make-Up Bag And The Craziest Thing She’s Done In The Name Of Beauty

Dua Lipa Beauty Interview

Liz Collins

ELLE cover star, two-time Grammy award winner and now the face of YSL’s newest fragrance, Libre, Dua Lipa has been making serious waves in the beauty world.

With her hair choices alone, the Brit singer has made us simultaneously want to cut our own fringe (even though we know how this will end) and bleach our hair (also, not a great DIY idea).

One half of this summer’s ‘it’ couple of the season, alongside singer and boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, the couple have been making beauty statements of their own. Think matching couple’s mani art and colour co-ordinated bleach blonde hair. Did someone say couple goals?

Dua Lipa Beauty Interview

Liz Collins

Amidst rumours of new music, we sat down with the ‘Be the One’ singer to talk all things beauty and safe to say, she taught us some new beauty rules (sorry…).

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

I wake up at…

… 6.30am. I didn’t plan to be an early riser. BeforeI could sleep forever and now I’ve just changed. What’s happened?

I start the day with…

… a shower, then cream cleanser, vitamin-B serum, hydrating cream and SPF. I never used to be into skincare but now I travel, I have to.

I finish the day with…

… a cleansing oil to remove my make-up, followed by a probiotic serum and face cream.

Dua Lipa reveals her beauty secrets 


What’s your make-up routine?

I try not to wear make-up on days I don’t have to, but if I do, it takes 15 minutes max. I stick to foundation or concealer, mascara, eyeshadow and bronzer and then I’m out the door.

I exercise…

… five days a week in the morning. When I’m touring, I use Class Pass, or it ends up being a 15-minute workout in my hotel room.

When I look in the mirror I see…

… good brows. They come from my dad’s side of the family, plus my mum never let me pluck them – even when they were growing to my eyelids!

My most indulgent beauty habit is…

… getting facials. In London, I go to a place called Pfeffer Sal every few months.

View this post on Instagram

bronze ambition

A post shared by Dua Lipa (@dualipa) on Aug 29, 2019 at 9:19am PDT

The last beauty items I bought myself were…

Pai Rosehip Cleansing Oil and RMS Living Luminizer, from Credo, this amazing natural beauty store I found in New York. I bought everything in there

My greatest beauty discovery is…

… brushing your lips when you brush your teeth. It gets rid of dead skin, so your lips are plumper.

My fridge is always filled with…

… hot sauce. It’s on my rider that whatever country I visit, I need a native hot sauce. I had a mango habanero one in Austin, Texas, which I loved.

Dua Lipa reveals her beauty secrets 

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

The craziest thing I’ve done in the name of beauty is…

… microneedling. My skin felt sunburnt for two days but, by the third, I had really good ‘baby skin’. It lasted for a few days, but then went back to normal.

I deal with stress by…

… meditating. But I’m not very good at it. I can’t seem to shut my brain off, or I just fall asleep. Instead, I find that having a lovely bath is really relaxing.

The biggest beauty lesson I ever learned was…

… fake tan isn’t for me. I’m just not very good at keeping up the maintenance.

Do you have a beauty or wellness secret?

I keep sachets of electrolytes – they are great for when you’re travelling.

The last beauty treatment I had was…

… a Cryo facial in Cannes with Teresa Tarmey just before I went on the red carpet. It was a really good way to de-puff my skin.

Thanks To Gen Z, Dove And TREsemmé Have Pledged To Cut Their Use Of Plastic By 50% By 2025

Beauty Brands Such As Dove And TREsemmé Have Pledged To Cut Their Use Of Plastic By 50% By 2025

Tetsuo MORITAGetty Images

Huge beauty powerhouse, Unilever, who own everything from Sure and Simple, to TREsemmé and Dove, have pledged to cut down their ‘virgin’ plastic usage (a plastic that has never been used before) by 50% by 2025.

On average, the firm has produced 700,000 tons of new plastic a year but has realised this huge environmental impact isn’t popular with younger people buying their products. Interestingly, it’s the Gen Z-ers who have encouraged this huge company to make the cut on their plastic waste.

The brand have said that moving towards being more sustainable is: ‘part of responding to society but also remaining relevant for years to come in the market’. The beauty giant believes that the young and eco-friendly generation is focused on ‘purpose and sustainability’ which has urged them to make a change. Who said the individual doesn’t have power?

Over the next five years, Unilever is focusing on experimenting with the use of recycled plastics and other more sustainable plastic alternatives. The most obvious alternative would be glass but the brand has already decided that it’s not the way they’re going to go.

‘A hysterical move to glass may be trendy but it would have a dreadful impact on the carbon footprint of packaging’.

There is no simple solution to the plastic crisis, but with more and more beauty consumers concerned with sustainability and brands attempting to meet demand, Unilever’s pledge to cut down their plastic waste by 50% will make a much-needed difference.

We can only hope the rest of the beauty industry plans to make similar necessary changes.

What I Use… ELLE Beauty Director, Katy Young, On Liquid Eyeliners

Katy Young ELLE Beauty Director Eyeliner

Matteo Scarpellini

When you get paid to test beauty products for a living, what do you actually pay to use? ELLE’s Beauty Director Katy Young comes clean.

Katy Young ELLE Beauty Director


Most beauty trends come and go as regularly as the number 94 bus. Take skin finish, for example: it can jump from glossy to matte and back again in just one season, while eyebrows are known for their perennial shape-shifting.

Then there’s eyeliner, the steadfast exception to the rule. An inky lashline looked just as up to date on the AW19 Louis Vuitton and Erdem runways as it did on Sophia Loren doing the passeggiata in the 1950s.

In fact, as I write this, the two wings sitting pretty across my lids feel as timely today as they did when I first etched them above my lashes with a Rimmel London eyeliner at age 14. And though this morning’s application came with a lot less wobble and a lot more knowledge, it has remained my unequivocal make-up go-to.

The beauty of liquid eyeliner is its multifaceted appearance. Plus, if like me, you’re not one for following the beauty crowd, you’ll also enjoy eyeliner’s lenient style guide. I might wear a ticked thorn in navy or green just peeping out above the outer lashes for my various weekend plans, or a sexy 1950s flowing line in jet black for date night. A straight bar across the lids is my nine-to-five office standard, to open up my eyes and add definition and, for an evening out with friends, I stick to my thick flick starting just above my pupils finishing off at a 45-degree angle by my outer lashes, which I love in brown.

Start to get your eye in now, and you’ve got yourself a beauty look for life.

But where there is liquid liner there is fear: fear of failure mostly, but also fear of what shape to even go for. The gently evolving story of liquid eyeliner can make things confusing; would Loren’s signature feline flick elongate your eyes best, or do Amy Winehouse’s thick marker pen stripes work better for that doe-eyed effect? And how the hell do you remove it all without a case of conjunctivitis if you do make mistakes? (A cotton bud dipped in a bi-phase make-up remover works best.)

As a beginner, follow my basic rule of three to make it easy on yourself…

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

1. Steer clear of brush and inkwell formulas

Instead go for sturdy felt-tip pens with good pigment pay-off so that you don’t have to drag skin or repeat application.

2.Start on the outer edge

Paint a short quick flick from the corner of your eye upwards to mimic the angle of your lashes, which should already be wearing mascara (do if after and you enter a world of smudging pain). Leave it at that, which I personally love, to lift the eye. Or work backwards along the lash line in mini strokes towards the inner corner to fully line it.

3. Always look down on liner

Put a hand mirror on a table – rather than a mirror on a wall – and stare over it to get a good angle, using your spare hand to slightly stretch skin, looking downwards allows you to follow your lashline without having to close your eyes.

And, 28 years of liner later, I can vouch for the fact that if you start to get your eye in now, you’ve got yourself a beauty look for life.

ELLE Edit: What To Shop In Charlotte Tilbury’s Black Friday Sale

Charlotte Tilbury black friday

Charlotte Tilbury

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article

No-one does party-season glamour quite like Charlotte Tilbury, and with Black Friday fast approaching, the smartest shoppers will be planning their festive glow-ups right about now. After all, Black Friday is officially the best day of the year to bag those rarely-on-sale eyeshadow palettes, nude lipsticks and dewy highlighters.

What is Black Friday?

While the origins of Black Friday are disputed, the term today refers to the biggest global shopping event of the season, where countless retailers slash the prices of new-in stock to get us ready for the festive season.

When is Black Friday?

This year, Black Friday falls on November 29, so you’ve still got a few weeks to get saving.

Does Charlotte Tilbury take part in Black Friday?

While we don’t have any intel on 2019 yet, Charlotte Tilbury famously goes big when it comes to Black Friday deals. Her 2018 Black Friday sale was one of the very best, with so many hero products, gift sets and even her seductive signature perfume, Scent of a Dream being sold at half price.

So, whether you’re after that perfect red lipstick or an entire make-up bag refresh, this is the brand you’re going to want to bookmark.

What to buy in the Charlotte Tilbury Black Friday sale

There are so many stellar Charlotte Tilbury products to choose from, from long-loved classics (Pillow Talk, we’re looking at you), to new innovations such as the dreamy Airbrush Flawless Foundation.

If you’re looking for a touch of festive glitz, the brand’s brilliant eyeshadow palettes are the perfect place to start. The latest addition to the line-up, Celestial Eyes, contains four glinting shades that run the spectrum from pretty pale pink to intense copper. It’ll see you through every single one of those Christmas parties.

To help you narrow down your shopping list, we’ve rounded up the Tilbury heroes that are always found in countless beauty-editor kits.

Of course, if you can’t wait until November to get practising that signature party-season look, you can bag the brand’s incredible festive advent calendar right now.

How To Get The Most From Cult Beauty’s Black Friday Sale

Cult Beauty Black Friday

Cult Beauty

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Black Friday sales are everywhere these days, but there are a handful of retailers we always head to first. Top of the list? It has to be Cult Beauty.

From new and niche skin brands – think Drunk Elephant and Glow Recipe – to iconic make-up from across the pond (if you don’t know Nudestix yet, get to know it stat), the buyers at Cult Beauty are perfectly in tune with the very best in beauty. In fact, we can probably thank them for introducing us to half the brands on our bathroom shelves right now.

What is Black Friday?

While its origins are disputed, we know that Black Friday was born across the pond. Some say the name was first used to refer to the heaving traffic that blocked the roads of Philadelphia in the 1960s, while others claim the term represents the huge profits that retailers would make in the post-Thanksgiving sales.

When is Black Friday?

November 29 is the big day this year, but many retailers will extend the festivities to the days leading up to, and after, Black Friday. There’s also Cyber Monday – the year’s biggest day for online shopping – which lands on the following Monday.

Does Cult Beauty take part in Black Friday?

The million dollar question – will Cult Beauty be treating us to a little discount this Black Friday? While the brand hasn’t disclosed any details just yet, we vividly remember the incredible offers on the site back in 2018, and have our fingers crossed for something similar this year.

Indeed, Cult Beauty’s tiered Black Friday deal was one of the best of 2018: shoppers received 15% off when spending £20, 20% off spends of £100, and a massive 25% off any spends that tipped the £250 mark. So, if you’re running low on shampoo, cleanser and serums, this is your chance to save a serious amount.

What to buy from the Cult Beauty Black Friday sale

When faced with such big discounts on so many covetable brands, it’s all too easy to lose your cool, panic, and emerge with 16 different red lipsticks. So, we’re here to help you cut through the options and emerge victorious this Black Friday. Scroll down to discover every editor-approved product we’ll be clamouring for once November 29 rolls around.

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From performance-led retinol serums to next-gen natural formulas, these skincare heroes are at the top of our lists. (A serious shout-out to Tata Harper’s new Concentrated Brightening Serum which, while pricey, is one of the most transformative things we’ve ever come across.

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With CBD making its way from the murky depths of the internet to the forefront of boujis beauty, we’ll be adding these calming tinctures and soothing serums to our bags come Black Friday.