Stoudemire Takes a Shot at Kosher Wine Market

Wines to consider for Passover Seder could include Château Lascombes 2015, and reserve Galilee 2016 and grand reserve Capernaum 2014 from Stoudemire Cellars. Sonny Figueroa/The New York Times

Fill glasses at your Seder with the new Israeli kosher for Passover wines from the Stoudemire Cellars label, owned by the former basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire, and your dinner will have another reason to be different. Mr. Stoudemire, who is a member of the Hebrew Israelite community, loves Israel (he’s a frequent visitor) and red wine. He has three wines: Reserve Galilee 2016 is 100 percent cabernet sauvignon with fruit and lingering tannins ($64.95); and grand reserve Capernaum 2014, from equal parts cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot ($99.95), is more complex. Private collection 2013, a Bordeaux-style blend ($259.95), is sold out. For a Bordeaux blend, consider Château Lascombes 2015, an elegant Margaux grand cru ($109.95) that is kosher for Passover for the first time:

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Astonishing Admission of Cheating Rocks Australian Cricket

Steve Smith, left, during a five-day cricket test match between South Africa and Australia in Cape Town on Thursday. Smith, the Australia captain, has admitted to ball tampering during the match. Halden Krog/Associated Press

It is commonly said in Australia that the captain of the national cricket team is the second most important job in the land. The role goes beyond sports; it bequeaths a certain moral authority, too. In the last 30 years, three Australian captains have won the Australian of the Year Award.

There is little chance that Steve Smith, the Australia captain and one of the finest players in the country’s history, will win that award anytime soon.

On Saturday, Smith, the Australia captain, acknowledged concocting a plan to tamper with a cricket ball during a series in South Africa, in an attempt to gain an unfair and illegal advantage, a revelation that has stunned a sport that has never been reluctant to seize the moral high ground.

The development embarrassed the team, brought outrage from fans across the spectrum — including from Australia’s prime minister — and will almost certainly have long-term consequences for the team and its players.

Smith has admitted that, after discussions with several other players, he enlisted Cameron Bancroft, the most inexperienced member of the side, to rub the ball with yellow tape hidden in his pocket. Roughing up the ball on one side can make it move unpredictability, making it more challenging for the batsmen to hit.

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Free-spirited, effortless, elegant… everyone wants to be a Chloé girl. Luckily, we’re one step closer as the French brand has released a new scent just in time for spring.

Allow us to introduce Nomade. The latest addition to Chloé’s fragrance dynasty is a departure from the rosy scents that have become cult classics. This one is more earthy, an invisible accessory that’ll leave you feeling easy-breezy.


So what can we expect from the new arrival? Consider this your need-to-know guide…

It’ll make you long for adventure

Nomade is the next best thing to straight-up bottling boho. As the name suggests, the inspiration is an adventurous woman who travels the world in search of new horizons, serving up tons of French chic along the way. Have a spritz when wanderlust strikes and you’ll be transported to exotic lands (even when you’re actually stuck at your desk).

The bottle is dressing table gold

If you were to judge a fragrance by its bottle, this one would get top marks—it’s almost as gorgeous as the smell itself. With a gold cap, pink suede ribbon and unique O shape, the Nomade bottle is poised for #shelfie fame. Get ready for some serious ‘gramming…

You’ll smell like all your wanderlust dreams

How do you capture the scent of freedom? It’s no mean feat, but master perfumer Quentin Bisch created a dream team combination of fresh oakmoss, sweet plum and freesia for a truly intoxicating result. Once on the skin, the blend of ingredients settles into a warm, floral finish. It’ll have you spritzing well into the summer months—trust us.


The new Chloé muse is a multi-talented globetrotter

Shot by Fleur Fortune in Rajasthan, the cinematic campaign is utterly dreamy, but who’s that girl? Meet Ariane Labed. The French actress was born in Athens, lives in London and makes for the perfect Nomade ambassador. She began her film career in Attenberg in 2010 and is currently working on Mary Magdalene alongside Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix. No biggie. For her latest role as fragrance muse, Ariane dances on rooftops and motorcycles through sand dunes, all with perfectly dishevelled hair. This is an empowered, action-loving Chloé girl—and we’re smitten.

The new Chloe Nomade fragrance is available now – shop it here and watch the behind-the-scenes video below…

8 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Now And Forever

Acne can push even the best of us to extreme, sometimes dangerous measures to rid our skin of the dreaded spots.

From putting toothpaste on our faces, to scraping and picking away at our skin and cotton-budding harsh chemicals or neat alcohol on open sores, many of us have tried some relatively unadvisable things in a bid to decrease the number of blemishes.

Then, of course, there are the anti-biotics. A course of often six or 12 months means no drinking and often lists depression as a possible side effect. Again, not ideal.


We’ve broken down the legit acne treatments designed to treat your skin and clear your complexion without the risk factor.

What Causes Adult Acne?

‘Adult acne is the result of a problem with the oil chemistry,’ says dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD. ‘As hormones change, oil does too, becoming more viscous and as it flows through the gland and out through the pore, it gets stuck.’

So how can we banish those sore, unsightly bumps for good?

1. Ditch The Dairy

While facialists have dismissed dairy for decades, clinical studies have only recently established a link between milk consumption and acne.

‘Milk contains testosterone precursors, which cause increased sebum production,’ says dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD.’What’s fascinating is that one study found that of all milk, skim milk has the strongest correlation with acne, and some hypothesise that skimmed milk has less oestrogen than whole milk.’

The thing is, switching to organic milk won’t remove your exposure. ‘All milk naturally contains androgens and IGF-1 [Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, a hormone that may be a precursor to breakouts],’ Mariwalla says. ‘There’s no such thing as hormone-free milk. Plus, milk contains sugar, a lactose, so it stimulates insulin.’

If you just can’t bear to banish milk from your diet completely, nutritionist and wellness coach Amie Richmond suggests opting for nut, rice or oat milks instead – and the same goes for yogurt. ‘Replacing milk and yogurts with with coconut-based, dairy free varieties will not only help eliminate the compounds that trigger acne, but they have the added benefit of high protein levels which is great for your overall health.’

‘Replacing milk and yogurts with with coconut-based, dairy free varieties will help eliminate the compounds that trigger acne.’


Another recent study suggests that following a low glycemic index diet—that means one with less refined sugars, carbohydrates, and sugar-containing foods—may result in fewer acne outbreaks. ‘As the glycemic index goes up, it affects insulin production and all the hormones,’ Fusco says. ‘They are all in a delicate balance—your female hormones are in balance with your thyroid hormones, which are in balance with your insulin. When you have more in one area, it’s like a domino effect on the others.’

Since the dietary acne provoker may vary for every person, New York dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, recommends keeping a food diary outlining what you eat in the days before a breakout to determine what your triggers are. ‘Then you start a very slow re-entry, introducing one new item, like dairy, every six weeks to see what happens on the skin,’ says Marmur, who believes that it takes just 48 hours for what you eat to show up on your face.


Is It Time to Give Up on Fish Oil?

Paul Rogers

About 15 years ago, when my cholesterol level began an inexplicable climb, I tried a slew of suggested dietary remedies that included eating more fish, along with a daily supplement of fish oil, which research at the time suggested would help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Alas, my body disdained my efforts and I finally had to take a statin. But I continued to follow a heart-healthy diet laden with vegetables and fish and took 1,200 milligrams of fish oil every night.

I now suspect that those thousands of gel-covered capsules I’ve swallowed over the years may have done little more than enrich the pockets of supplement producers and sellers. A number of extensive analyses have been conducted, some supporting and others refuting the value of fish oils to the cardiovascular system, along with studies of other purported health benefits that also have had mixed results.

The supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids, the polyunsaturated oils prominent in fatty cold water fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel. In many observational studies, people who regularly consumed fish two or more times a week were less likely to suffer heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular deaths than those who ate fish infrequently or not at all.

Enthusiasm for fish oils originated with reports decades ago that Eskimos, who consume lots of cold water fish, have surprisingly low rates of heart disease despite a diet very high in animal fat.

Camu Camu Is The Unsung Beauty Ingredient Guaranteed To Give You Supermodel Skin

Just when we thought that nothing could upstage the complexion-perfecting effects of savvy beauty ingredient moringa (read all the reasons why you should be slathering it on your face, and everywhere else, right here), along came yet another must-have, with the promise of even better skin.

Say hello to camu camu.

Nope, it’s not something you’d order off of a takeaway menu, but a tropical fruit, and even though it may look tiny, it’s actually pretty mighty, especially when it comes to boosting your skin’s radiance.


And we’re not the only ones 100% into it. According to celebrity facialist Su-Man Hsu, we should all be looking out for the wonder ingredient this year.

‘This rain-forest fruit is a powerful antioxidant,’ she says, ‘and it contains more vitamin C than any other plant.’ That’s especially attractive seeing as saves for vitamin C are up an enormous 3379% on Pinterest.

Here’s why you should incorporate camu camu into your skincare routine ASAP.

1) It Fights Pigmentation Fast

Glycolic acid and retinol can move over for a second – there’s a new pigmentation-buster on the block. Because camu camu is high in both vitamin C and niacin, it has a brilliant effect on melanin-producing cells, so any spots of sun damage or discolouration left behind by acne will fade over time. Flawless skin, here we come.


Try…- Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power CX30 Vitamin C Brightening Serum, £68

According to Peter Thomas Roth, camu camu boasts a huge 30 times more vitamin C than an orange, so the word ‘power’ is about right. This lightweight serum does exactly what it says on the tin: Lightens any annoying areas of pigmentation in next to no time at all.

2) It Provides Fantastic Environmental Protection

Teamed with a high factor SPF, the vitamin C and flavanoids in camu camu provide a bolstered antioxidant defence against pigmentation-producing, wrinkle-inducing UV. It also shields against the skin-scavenging effects of pollution, as well as pollen, which experts recently revealed can lead to dry, itchy and inflamed skin. Your spring skincare routine is virtually crying out for it.

Try…- A’Kin Age Defy Line Smoothing Day Cream, £28.50

A’Kin’s 100% vegan moisturiser arms skin against all the bad stuff that the environment catapults at your face on a daily basis and quenches both instantly and progressively throughout the day. It’s velvety, not greasy, and makes for a brilliant make-up primer.


Alias Thomas Mann

On Aug. 25, 2015, a Swiss postal inspector reached into the river of 300,000 parcels that pour into that nation every day and, for a routine inspection, plucked out two packages arriving from Arizona. Inspectors unwrapped them and found serried rows of bottles.

The bottles were suspected of containing performance-enhancing drugs, so they were shipped to an antidoping laboratory for testing. Chemists discovered three synthetic compounds that are illicit gold for cheating athletes. One sped the healing of tendons and ligaments. Another helped build muscle mass. A third stimulated the body to burn fat.

The Swiss authorities notified the organization in the United States that investigates sports doping, the United States Anti-Doping Agency, and shared the return-address sticker. The packages were shipped by someone named Thomas Mann.

His name drew puzzled shrugs from Usada investigators. That name had never crossed their radar, and they could not find a home listing for someone with that name in their database in Arizona or anywhere else.

Meghan Markle Just Broke Another Royal Beauty Rule

If seasoned royal Kate Middleton had a guide titled ‘How to Dress Like a Royal,’ Meghan Markle probably wouldn’t take one damn page out of it.

At this point, the bride-to-be has probably broken more social norms than she has followed, like the time she got subtle red highlights, or the time—okay, every single day—when she attended an event in an unconventionally modern wardrobe. And now, she’s at it again with a hairstyle that’s anything but prim and proper.


While accompanying Prince Harry on his day of engagements in Belfast Northern, Ireland, Meghan wore a casual outfit of a sweater, skirt, and a messy low bun. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Wrong. Because according to commonly accepted royal protocol, the messy chignon should have been, well, anything but messy, and also cinched with a hairnet.

I know, I know—not exactly an earth-shattering scandal, because Markle is human, and hair is unpredictable, and oh, my god, it’s just a messy bun. But that’s the thing with the royal family: appearances and tradition are everything (which is why future sister-in-law Kate is always spotted with a hairnet around her updos).

Thankfully, Markle isn’t joining the royal family circa 1950, when there was a strict rule that prohibited royal women from showing their hair at all—thus explaining why the women were always wearing hats, and probably why the Queen still consistently wears a hat today.

Still, Markle definitely pushes the rules on what’s standard for a royal, and honestly, I love it. So here’s your friendly reminder that the royal wedding is 57 days away, in case you weren’t already keeping a countdown. Get ready for even more rule breaking, I’m sure.

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This Vitiligo Photo Series Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Instagram and other social media platforms have long been associated with one type of beauty standard.

In a world full of filters, tuning settings and one where, generally people only show themselves looking their absolute best, social media can neglect to show a healthy diverse mix of people when it comes to body type, race and gender identity.

Luckily, every now and again, a photo series comes along which gives a much-needed nod to beauty in all forms. The latest one to check out is by London-based photographer Brock Elbank, who has launched a photo series of people with vitiligo.


Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition where pale, white patches develop on the skin. It’s caused by the lack of the pigment melanin and typically occurs on the face, neck and hands but can affect any part of the body.

Elbank, who had previously shot a series on freckles, had people with vitiligo apply to be in his series by sending in selfies. So far, people from Austria, Brazil, the Caribbean, Israel, Russia and the UK have all featured.

‘Unique, striking individuals are always a great source of visual interest to me and my work,’ Brock told ‘I see beauty in what many see as different. Unique individuals who stand out from the crowd are what inspire me to do what I do.’

When the models arrive to have their shots done, he says it tends to not really feel like a ‘set’ as he tries to make the vibe really personal ‘so the subjects feel as relaxed as possible’.

‘With every single subject I shoot, for whatever series, I like to just talk for an hour to hear their story and get an idea of who they are,’ he says. ‘The more you know about someone the better the results.’

Brock’s vitiligo series is going to continue for another year or so and anyone who wishes to apply can do so through the photographer’s Instagram.

It’s great to see such exposure for vitiligo from the series and luckily, on Instagram, there’s an increasing number of people with vitiligo rightfully celebrating their faces and bodies on the platform.


The accounts @girlswithvitiligo and @spottingbeauty both showcase gorgeous women and men across the world with the skin condition:


A.L. Preview: Watch Out, the Houston Astros Got Better

Astros second baseman Jose Altuve said the team is aware of how hard it is to win back-to-back World Series. “But it’s not impossible,” he added. John Bazemore/Associated Press

On the day of his team’s first full-squad workout as World Series champions, the Houston Astros’ architect, Jeff Luhnow, acknowledged a feeling of awe. The nameplates in the team’s spring training clubhouse, especially those above the pitchers’ lockers, were a sight to behold.

“I go in there and I can’t believe it,” said Luhnow, the general manager, naming the Astros’ rotation. “They’re all right there and they’re all ours. That’s an incredibly rich group.”

The group includes two Cy Young Award winners, Justin Verlander and Dallas Keuchel. It includes Lance McCullers Jr., who closed out the Yankees in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, and Charlie Morton, who closed out the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series.

After a January trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates, it also includes Gerrit Cole, a former No. 1 overall draft pick with durability and an All-Star pedigree. The collection is so gaudy that Collin McHugh and Brad Peacock, who would start almost anywhere else, will pitch from the bullpen.

“I honestly didn’t think that we could, potentially, be this good, just knowing what we did last year,” Keuchel said. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think, in the off-season, we were going to get Gerrit. That’s pretty cool to me. We got better.”